Amborella Seed-Bearing Organic Lollipop | Vanilla & Hibiscus

Eat this delicious lollipop, then plant and grow Baby Blue Eyes!

Seed-bearing lollipops are organic candy with edible herbs and flowers that weave throughout.

After devouring the lollipop, you can plant the biodegradable stick in soil horizontally, cover with a layer of top soil, water daily, and grow herbs or flowers.

Ingredients: *Pure cane sugar, *beet sugar, *corn syrup solid, spring water, *vanilla flavoring *hibiscus flowers, *purple carrot color extract, *plant-based gum, *red annatto extract. *Organic/Vegan

Amborella Organics sources ingredients that are:Gluten/Dairy/Nut/Soy/Artificial Dye-Free, Non GMO, Organic, Kosher, Vegan.

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