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Coffee Cubes Travel Tins

Clark's Cubes are about sustainable convenience.  Coffee and Tea like a k-cup pod, without pod waste, that you can have anywhere, anytime, any temperature, without equipment. (but if you want, also through your Keurig with a reusable pod!)  Place one cube in your cup and just drop, stir, and enjoy!  Ready in 30 seconds or less hot, 2 minutes iced.

All are lightly sweetened with 4 grams Organic Cane Sugar and made with the best tasting option, Colombian Arabica Freeze Dried Coffee. 

Product Details:

  • Each Travel Tin contains 6 Coffee Cubes.
  • Each Coffee Cube makes an 8-12 oz cup of coffee.
  • The Travel Tins are durable and beautiful, great for bringing with you on outdoor adventures, travels, or as a gift.
  • Use Refill Boxes to refill your Travel Tin. Also great for stocking up the office!

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