DAK BAR Jackrabbit Energy Bar

Jackrabbit Energy Bar with apples, walnuts, matcha tea, and maple syrup.

Matcha tea and maple syrup is a combination only a gourmet would have imagined.

The matcha tea and spirulina give this bar a sort of sweet grassy flavor that pairs nicely with the apple. A sidekick of lemon oil gives it a surprising citrusy pop.

Matcha Tea adds a punch of energy. Essential lemon oil is added to brighten the earthy flavors.

7 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber with a balanced mix of sweet and savory

Supporting Green Goat Maps who produce top-notch topographical maps with a focus on environmental stewardship and responsible recreation – our kind of folks!

Take a map and a Dak on your next trip to give you the lasting energy and information you need to get on and off the trails safely.

Made in United States of America

2.5 oz bar

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