Luminarc Quadro Pitcher

Store home-made or store-bought beverages in Luminarc Quadro Pitcher, durable, safe, clear glass containers for easy, feel-good enjoyment.

Holds an ample supply of liquid, yet is small enough to conserve needed fridge space.

Constructed of thick, textured glass that is beautiful and functional; allows for an immediate view of the beverage contained.

An integrated handle and built-in pour spout makes it simple to carry and dispense; plastic lid adds an extra layer of protection.

The pitcher is safe and easy to clean in the dishwasher

1.75 liter capacity (57 oz.) 10.25"" tall 4.5"" x 3.5"" base

1.1 liter capacity (32 oz.) 9.5"" tall 3.5" square base

0.5 liter capacity (17 oz.) 6.25"" tall 3.25"" square base

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