Pet Bag Balm Tube: Paw Pad Moisturizer by Vermont's Original

Since 1899, farmers have trusted Bag Balm to rescue dry, chapped skin from the harsh environment of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. No one knows when the first farmer tried Bag Balm on the paws of the family dog, but the product proved itself. And after the 9-11 tragedy in New York, Bag Balm was used on the dry, cracked paw pads of dozen of search dogs who worked for endless hours in the rubble.

Lanolin-enriched to provide a long lasting moisturizing & softening effect. Its simple non-alcohol, no-sting formula is easy to apply, and uniquely formulated to dicourage licking.

Directions: Massafe thoroughly into paw pads, or on hot spots & allow ointmnet to remain for full sofening effects.

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