Neat Fridge Egg Holder

Joie's Covered Egg Holder securely stores 1-dozen fresh eggs and organizes a neater fridge. This square egg storage container takes up less space and fits into narrow or crowded areas to organize refrigerator shelves easily.

Quickly find eggs in the refrigerator and see the quantity available through the transparent lid for well-planned food shopping trips. The grooved tray cradles eggs separately in place to keep them from shaking, colliding, and cracking. This refrigerator organizer bin is sturdier than paper egg crates to safely stack another holder or food on top to increase fridge space without breaking eggs.

It's ideal for storing small to jumbo chicken eggs (white, brown, free-range, free-run, cage-free, nest-laid, organic, vegetarian, Omega-3) and duck eggs. This essential kitchen accessory is also great for storing and carrying eggs for camping and picnics.

Made from BPA-free plastic, Joie's Covered Egg Holder is sturdy, durable, moisture-proof, easy to carry, and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.