Bamboo Two-Toned Cutting and Serving Board 8"

The Totally Bamboo Two-Tone Bamboo Bar Prep Cutting Board is a must-have for any kitchen or bar area.

At 8 inches, it's sized perfectly for quickly slicing lemons, limes and other garnishes.

It's also an ideal board for slicing and serving sandwiches when lunchtime rolls around.

Crafted from organically-grown Moso bamboo, the board is lightweight, durable and gentle on knives.

It features two stylish caps of light-colored natural bamboo with the main cutting surface in a rich caramelized bamboo.

The board wipes clean easily by hand; it should not be soaked or washed in the dishwasher.

The bar board measures 8 inches by 5-3/4 inches and is 1/2 of an inch thick.