Les Anis De Flavigny French Candy Bon Bons

In the heart of the Benedictine Abbey in Flavigny, this tasty little treat has been made since 1591 according to the same recipe as it always has been, and each aniseed is still patiently coated in thin layers of delicately flavoured syrup. In this way, sharing a sweet with a hidden aniseed at its heart is symbolic of love itself. With more than four centuries of history, this is one of the oldest brands in France.  A delicious and richly historical experience awaits.

Carefully crafted from vegan ingredients: organic, unrefined sugar & handmade natural essences.

Still made within the walls of the ancient abbey, each delicate candy conceals an aniseed in its heart.

Anise seeds are carefully sourced to produce a warm, spicy flavor and a remarkably aromatic scent.

Each carefully crafted candy is created over the course of 15 days- the seeds are tumbled over one another and gradually become covered in fine successive layers of eco-certified, organic, unrefined sugar. This of patient, delicate work transforms each seed into the smooth white candy we all love.

Each tin represents a part of a love story between a shepherd and his beloved shepherdess.

Les Anis de Flavigny® come in ten different natural flavors: anise (the original), blackcurrant, lemon, orange blossom, ginger, tangerine, mint, licorice, rose and violet.

1.75 oz tin

Made in France since 1591

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