Black Label Shears

Black Label Shears for mustaches, beards, and hair.

Razor sharp and made from the finest Japanese steel, these 1878 Black Label Shears were inspired by classic 19th Century grooming scissors which were prized possessions carried by cavalry commanders.

Taking a cue from the fact that Cavalry soldiers’ tools of the trade were carbines, pistols and sabers, our scissors come complete with a unique hand-crafted genuine leather holster/scabbard to complement these fine shears.

Exquisite 5" Handcrafted, 19th Century Design inspired Grooming shears

Premium Hardened Japanese J2 420 Steel

Genuine Embossed Leather Holster

Scabbard - Adjustable Tensioning System, Razor Sharp Convex Edge Blades

Black Anodized Finish with Handsome Brass Accents

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