Roberts® Borotalco Body Powder

Crafted in the late 1800’s in a pharmacy in Florence, the historic Borotalco brand has become a classic Italian favorite.

Over one century later, it remains Italy’s best-selling body powder.

An unforgettable subtle scent combined with a refreshing silky texture, this powder will keep your body, bed linens, and towels fresh and clean all day.

Great for snow boots in the winter too! Used as a trusted top-choice by Barber’s worldwide. Time to powder up!

Since the late 1800's, when Signore Manetti and a Mr. Roberts of England joined to create skin care in their Florence farmacia, Borotalco has been a tradition in the homes of Italy ever since.

It has a silky feel and a fine delicate fragrance that will keep you fresh all day. Enhance your sleeping experience with a dusting of Borotalco on the bed sheets. This size great for travel.

Soften your body or freshen your bed linens and towels with this clean, pure body powder. Naturally Scented with graceful floral oils.


Made in United States of America

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