The Lawman Rub Co. "The Joint" Butter Garlic Rub

The Joint is a rich gourmet butter garlic rub.

Rich butter garlic with a herb that is balanced with a slight hint of chili flake for flavoring.

The Joint rub is very versatile and can be used in multiple ways. It has been incorporated in bread, vegetables, popcorn, steaks, and most importantly fish.

The name "The Joint" is slang for prison. The bottle was named after Lt. C.E. Jones who was a correctional officer for DVI in the State of California. DVI was named the Gladiator school by the inmates. Lt. Jones worked at this facility for 30 years.

GF/MSG free

Low Sodium 160 MG per 1/4 Tsp

Large 12.3 oz

Made in United States of America

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