Chantal Cookware 2 Quart Pouring Saucepan Blue Cove

Add a “Stripe” of color to your kitchen!

The Stripes cookware line from Chantal is made with heavy-duty commercial grade stainless steel with a subtle, yet distinct, strip of color on the exterior.

Perfect for the young aspiring chef who needs top quality cookware or for a more experienced chef who just wants a pop of color on their stove.  Bring some fun into the kitchen with this vibrant line.

This 2.5 Quart Sauce Pan has two pouring spouts and features a strainer lid making it deal for boiling pasta, potatoes or vegetables!

•    Professional grade Stainless Steel Cookware
•    High quality color finish applied to the exterior
•    Made with 21/0 Stainless Steel
•    Stay-cool handles
•    Tempered Glass Lid
•    Dishwasher Safe
•    2 year Limited Warranty

Nickel Free

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