Classic Wool Duster

These classic wool dusters are the best - Now you can love dusting because nothing does a better, faster, gentler job than these premium-quality classic wool dusters!

Hand-made in the USA with premium-grade lambswool, solid wood handles, and full-grain leather hang ties, these dusters last for generations.

Here's what makes them different:
Amazing Dust-Grabbing Ability: The Cuticle layer is the outer part of the wool fiber and is composed of hundreds of microscopic, overlapping scales. Tiny pockets between the scales naturally trap and hold dust particles. This amazing feature has made these wool dusters famous for their dust-grabbing ability.

Scratch Resistant: The Epicuticle is a thin protective film covering the cuticle (scales) which makes the wool fiber more resistant to abrasion. Wool Shop dusters can be used on the most delicate of surfaces.

Extremely Durable: The Cortex is the main inside layer of the fiber that composes 90% of the fiber mass. Because of the amazing cable-like strength of the Cortex, each wool fiber is so elastic and resilient that it can be bent over 20,000 times without breaking or damaging the fiber.

To clean, remove the dust with a cloth & twirl handle between your hands to fluff. If wool becomes matted, comb and fluff the wool with a brush. If the duster becomes excessively soiled, hand wash it using shampoo.

Made in the USA