Coconut Drinking Chocolate

Premium 72% cacao drinking chocolate are made with real dark chocolate from high quality, organic cacao that we sustainably source directly from a Oro Verde farmer owned cooperative in Northern Peru.

There are no preservatives or refined sugars, only ethically-sourced wholesome ingredients.

Crafted hot chocolate in small batches to bring out the individual nuances of each cacao bean.

A decadent, fruity & fudge-like hot chocolate as intended to highlight the spirit of craft chocolate making.

Just Add Hot Water!

Vegan drinking chocolate with organic coconut milk and sweetened using coconut nectar.

1.4oz pouch

Ingredients • °Cacao beans • °coconut nectar • °Cane sugar • °Cocoa powder • °†dry coconut milk powder • Sea salt • Guar gum • Carob bean gum • °Vanilla bean °Organic †Dairy-free

Made in United States of America

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