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Multi Purpose and Multi-Tasker!

Andreas Silicone Decorative Trivets are perfect for every occasion and every season no matter what the event. Protects your stove tops, counter tops, or kitchen table. These high quality soft and flexible yet sturdy silicone trivets are the ultimate multi-tasker.

Flexible enough to comfortably grab a hot dish out of the oven or microwave/ Use as a spoon rest on your stove. Perfect as a placement for your indoor or outdoor table. Works as dual purpose trivet/pot holder and non-slip during travel in RVs. Great use for hot curling/straightening iron rest!

Made from high-grade silicone. Won't stain, mold, or absorb odors.

Trivets are heat resistant to 600°F
Dishwasher safe

8" Round

Made in USA

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