Decorative Silicone Jar Opener | Flower Horse

Your secret weapon to effortlessly open jars, lids, or even medicine bottles.

Andreas Silicone Jar Openers are designed with one side rough and one side smooth for easy gripping, and best of all they stick to any metal or glass surface including refrigerator, microwave, windows, back splash and stainless steel so they are always right there for you to use.

Elegant and whimsical, Andreas Silicone products are beautifully designed. These silicone over fabric products are functional, fashionable and durable for years of everyday use or for that special occasion when a little extra style really counts!

A must have for your: kitchen, garage, tackle box, camping gear, RV, boat or car!

Works great as a garlic peeler too!

Made from high-grade silicone

Dishwasher Safe

Made in the USA

6.5" round