Deep Fried Peanuts | Eat Them Shell and All

Eat The Shell and All!!

These peanuts are special Valencia peanuts grown in New Mexico.

They have a unique taste and an extra thin shell that you can eat safely.

The Valencia peanuts are flash fried in soybean oil and hand seasoned with southern recipes in small batches.

The end result is a great tasting and nutritious snack that starts as a curiosity and ends as a healthy addicting snack.

Gluten Free (except BBQ) and are Keto friendly!

Hand seasoned in 6 great flavors: Garlic, BBQ, Ranch, Cajun, Salty and Old Bay. AND Now Dill Pickle!!!
  • Unique sweet taste. 
  • Extra thin shell
  • Flash fried in soybean oil - has a long shelf life and stays fresh. 
  • High In Fiber
  • Low-Carb
  • Gluten Free
10 oz. bag