Disney™ Jungle Cruise Adventure Game

This fun, mysterious game is inspired by the world-famous Disney Park attraction, the Jungle Cruise!

Attention skippers! Can you keep your passengers and cargo safe from jungle dangers? Find clues about which families have fallen out of Alberta's favor along the way... The skipper who finishes with the most valuable freight of travelers and carg will win... a cruise back home!

Includes: 80 Navigation Cards, 4 Dice, 4 Boat Movers, 4 Boat Placards, 6 Skipper Specialty Cards, 4 Warning Flare Tokens, 48 Passenger Tokens, 30 Lost & Found Tokens, 4 Clue Tokens, 12 Outpost Tokens, 5 Tip Tokens, Rulebook

2-4 players

Ages 8+

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