Dreamfarm Clongs Click-Lock Tongs 9"

Clongs are click-lock tongs that sit up off your bench.

Just like a retractable “clicky” pen, open your Clongs with the push of a click-button, then hold them closed and push the click-button again to lock them closed.

Clongs have a clever bend in their handles to sit them up off your kitchen bench, which can also be used to rest them on the edge of your pan.

Heat resistant to 260*C/500*F.

Dishwasher Safe

Materials: Stainless steel, premium-grade silicone

The unique bend in Clongs handles keeps their tips up when you put them down. Mess doesn’t hit your countertops and your tongs stay hygienically clean.

The push of a button is all it takes to open or lock your Clongs. Just like the mechanism in a retractable pen, it’s so easy to do it only takes one hand.

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