Norm's Farms ElderCran Elderberry Extract

Norm's Farms ElderCran is made with farm-fresh Elderberry Extract, organic cranberry juice and just a touch of pear juice.  ElderCran is the perfect go-to daily supplement for anyone looking for a great immune system booster that also promotes a healthy urinary tract.

ElderCran tastes great!  This recipe was developed following the advice and preferences of over 50 volunteer taste testers who overwhelmingly voted for the recipe containing the bit of pear juice.  The pear juice helps to cut the tartness of the cranberry and elderberry, resulting in a slightly sweet, deeply flavored supplement that the whole family can enjoy.

As always, you won't find any added alcohol, glycerin, or artificial sweeteners or ingredients in ElderCran...just pure simple ingredients that are not only great tasting but great for you

  • No added alcohol, sugars, artificial sweeteners or ingredient
  • Contains higher levels of antioxidants than most juices


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