Hands Off My Chocolate | Red Velvet and White Chocolate

Inspired by the original red velvet cake and all just for you. This yummy flavor combination exists of a red layer of red velvet chocolate, covered by a layer of white chocolate.

The unique blend, innovative layer structure, and design that allows you to easily break the perfect piece every time result in the best possible mouth feel.

All Natural Fair Trade

Imported from Belgium.

3.5 oz Bar

As the weather gets warmer, the risk of melting candies is higher. Golden Gait Mercantile ships all candy without temperature preserving items. If you are in a region that has heat capable of melting what you order, you should also order an ice pack. They can help preserve the state of your melt-able goods! That being said, even if you do order an ice pack, we cannot guarantee that your order will arrive to you without melting.

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