Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs™ Book

Over 40 Make-at-Home Recipes for Explosively Fun Hot Chocolate Drinks

A step-by-step guide from the ORIGINAL creator of Cocoa Bombs ™ to making melting hot Cocoa Bombs ™ at home, plus fun ideas for flavors, fillings, and decoration.

Hot chocolate or "cocoa" bombs are the new sweet must-have. Having initially taken social media by a storm, their popularity means they are now sold in store and on-line and are on everyone’s wish-list for the holidays! But just what are they? Basically, they are a piñata that melts in your cup… Hollow spheres of chocolate that you put into a mug or cup and when you pour in hot milk, the chocolate melts to create a hot chocolate drink and also magically release the marshmallows or other surprises hiding inside.

Cocoa Bombs - by Eric Torres-Garcia (Hardcover)

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