Kathi German Pretzel Mix

German Pretzel mix from Kathi is a ready-to-bake mix, resulting in a soft and flavorful, authentic German snack. This Pretzel Mix is made of high-quality, organic materials that are craftily mixed to create a delicious traditional snack. 

Getting covered in flour while mastering the art of French pastry may seem intriguing, but it doesn’t need to be painful. Kathi combines innovation with tradition to create delicious recipes for a great baking experience.

Homemade doesn’t have to mean from scratch – but it sure can taste like it when you bake with Kathi.

Founded in 1951, Kathi continues to carry on its founders philosophy, combining innovatino with tradition. High quality raw materials combined to create delicious recipes to guarantee a great baking experience.

Quick, easy preparation that tastes like homemade

Simply add oil, and water

14.6 oz.

Product of Germany