Local Book | Wildflowers of the Trinity Alps by Ken DeCamp

Wildflowers of the Trinity Alps by Ken DeCamp, Julie Kierstead Nelson, Julie Knorr features plants found within the premier wilderness areas of northwest California’s Klamath Mountains. This collection is representative of the most common, beautiful, and unique species in one of the most biodiverse temperate mountain ranges in the world.

Features: 505 species, subspecies, and varieties of wildflowers, over 700 full color images organized by flower color, localized, detailed species descriptions, & destinations to find flowers throughout the year.

The Klamath Mountains are a fascinating and botanically diverse area situated at the the crossroads of the Coast Range, Modoc Plateau, Sacramento Valley, Cascade Range, and Sierra Nevada the Klamath Mountains and hold representative species from each. Combine that with their attendant geology, topography, and climate, and the floristic diversity is second to none for a temperate region.

Written & Printed in Humboldt County, CA.

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