McCall's Candle Vintage Double Wick Candle Cabin Scents

Perfect for that log-cabin feeling, this cozy creation offers a touch of spicy pine and the great outdoors

Vintage Antiqued can filled with 22 ounces of Cabin Scents fragrance complemented by an even burning double wick.

Approximate Burn Time – 110-140 hours

Made in the USA

When you light your McCall's candle, it is important to allow it to burn all the way across. That is, light it and keep it lit until the wax across the top liquefies all the way to the edge. (Note: this may take a few burning cycles to achieve.)

Every time you burn your candle, you will want to follow the same process. That way your candle will burn evenly and you will maximize your burning time. (Note: the shorter the wick, the longer it will take for the candle to burn all the way across.) Remember, your candle will burn cleaner if your wicks are maintained.

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