Melitta Pour-Over Coffeemaker set

Set includes: 1 each: No. 4 plastic brew cone, glass carafe with warming lid, and measuring scoop

A fast, cost effective way to bring out coffee's true flavor with these easy steps:

1. Fold the seams of the Melitta filter and place in Melitta cone pour-over brewer. Put pour-over on top of a mug or jar.
2. Scoop in finely ground coffee. The fresher the coffee the better.
3. Start with fresh, cool water. Heat the water to just below a boil.
4. Pour the water in a swirling motion to fully saturate the grounds and create agitation for optimal extraction. The slower the water is poured, the bolder and more developed the cup will be.
5. Enjoy your handcrafted cup of coffee!

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