Merkur 15C Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Tooth Comb, Chrome

The MERKUR 15C razor is a three-part safety razor, consisting of a lid, comb and handle.

The teeth of the comb guide the razor blade on its way and thus ensure a very thorough wet shave.

Another advantage of the tooth comb is that it is difficult to clog with cut hair.

Choose this model if you want to remove thicker and longer hair on your face and body.

  • Three-pieces
  • Straight bar
  • Fixed blade
  • Open comb

Proudly manufactured with over one hundred years of experience in blade production, this Merkur Double Edged Safety Razor is the standard choice for beginner wet-shavers and returning enthusiasts alike

A tribute to classical shaving, the Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor is an essential that exceeds the expectations of those who use it.

Remaining faithful to industrial craftsmanship, this product is easy to pair with other products that entice the fine shaving connoisseur.

Made in Solingen, Germany

IT'S YOUR CHOICE - Safety razors with a closed comb are perfect for the gentle daily shave. With an open comb, you also shave long or particularly dense body and beard hair thoroughly. The slant bar razor is ideal for unruly hair. With our safety razors with adjustable blade gap, you can adjust the thoroughness and gentleness individually.

MERKUR safety razors are manufactured in Germany and offer complete corrosion protection and outstanding durability thanks to the zinc die casting process. In addition to these features, you can choose between heavy or light razors with different handle lengths.

Material - Brass handle, die-cast zinc razor head, electroplated surfaces, bright chrome

Product Details - open tooth comb, straight cut

Locking system - Short screw, three-piece razor


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