Simpkins Traditional Hard Candy Drops Sweet Tins

Mouthwatering refreshment in a classic English designed antique tin.

Made with the finest natural oils and ingredients to deliver exquisite taste sensations.

Made for three generationsin Yorkshire, England

Mulled Wine, Hangover Drops, Warming Ginger Fruit, and Lemon, Honey, & Chamomile

Since 1921

7 oz.

Mulled Wine - A warming yet refreshing flavour.

Hangover Drops - All natural glucose drops blended with fruits of the forest natural flavourings and ginseng extract for a truly welcoming pick me up.

Please note: No hangover required to enjoy these!

Warming Ginger Fruits - All natural fruit drops blended with the finest ginger oil to ensure a truly sublime taste sensation, warming yet fruity.

Lemon, Honey, and Chamomile - A fine botanical confectionery recipe resulting in a sublime and untouchable taste sensation! We infuse honey with the finest chamomile extract and zesty lemon oil. The finest English made honey lozenges on the market with all the related health benefits, including – honey and chamomile extract.

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