Neilson-Massey Pure Chocolate Extract

Crafted from the finest cocoa beans, Neilson-Massey Pure Chocolate Extract embodies the complex flavor of dark chocolate.

This extract is ideal for adding extra layers of this divine flavor to any recipe that has chocolate as its base.

It also gives subtle distinction to a wide range of dishes, pairing exceptionally well with chile peppers, tomatoes, legumes and, of course, vanilla.

2 fl. oz.

  • Sweet ideas: any desserts with a chocolate base including cakes and ice creams
  • Savory ideas: sauces, moles, any dish with chile peppers, tomatoes or legumes
  • Beverage ideas: hot chocolate, pattinis, homebrewed beer; add to coffee, cola, espresso
  • Other ideas: add to hot cereal
  • Chef’s notes: Today, confectionists, bakers and other culinary professionals use our Pure Chocolate Extract on its own or combined with courveture (quality chocolate with a higher concentration of cocoa butter) to intensify the chocolate flavor through layering. Use it at home whenever you want to accentuate chocolate flavor in sweets or baked goods.

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