Neilson-Massey Pure Orange Extract

Bright, sunny and refreshing, our Pure Orange Extract is made from the finest-quality oranges and serves as the perfect partner to many flavors, both sweet and savory.

Its fresh citrus flavor is ready right from the bottle, there’s no need to zest or juice.

2 fl. oz.

  • Sweet ideas: fruit pies, marmalades, jams, cookies, sherbets, creams, custards, ice creams, cookies, fruit salads, gelatins, sauces, any dish with: strawberry, pineapple, chocolate, kumquats
  • Savory ideas: salad dressings, chicken, rice and fish dishes
  • Beverage ideas: whiskey ciders, ginger fizzes, whiskey sours, hot cocoa, add to chocolate milk and cranberry juice
  • Chef’s notes: Add a few drops of Pure Orange Extract to Hollandaise sauce, as a flavorful topping for vegetables.

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