Ohio Stoneware 4 Gallon Crock

The ancient craft of pickling and fermenting foods is experiencing a revival due to the well known health benefits and stoneware crocks are gaining in popularity because of this.

American made stoneware crocs are the highest quality on the market - these traditional stoneware pickling crocks have lead-free glazes and are handcrafted in Ohio.

They sport a clean look that easily compliments the home, pantry or deli counter. The straight sides and large lip make them easy to handle. The thickness of the crock maintains temperature regulation during the pickling process for a wide variety of vegetables such as beens, cabbage, beets, cucumbers, peppers tomatoes and turnips, and the smooth surface is easy to wipe clean.

These crocks are versatile and have many uses around the home - use the larger crocks as umbrella holders or keep one by the fireplace to organize kindling.

They also make great interior decor objects.The smaller crocks are wonderful for holding dog biscuits or kitchen utensils.

Food Safe Hi Fire Stoneware
Microwave Safe
Dishwasher Safe - if you can fit it in your dishwasher :-)


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