Ravensburger Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle | Escape: The Toy Factory 368 Piece

You did it! You actually bought a real life toy factory! Strangely, as soon as the contract had been signed, the previous owner ran off as fast as he could. Shortly thereafter, you realized something was very wrong with this toy factory, when the hideous and disfigured toys emerged from the production line with a life of their own, and ill-intent.

It’s a puzzle and game in one! Ravensburger Escape Puzzle for mixes a richly-illustrated 368-piece jigsaw, an exciting storyline and riddles hidden within the jigsaw image. Once you've assembled the puzzle, you need to solve the riddles and “escape"!

Complete with instructions and a solution envelope, each Escape Puzzle also comes with a unique QR code to help you solve the riddles.

Here’s the first tip — the puzzle image isn't identical to the one on the box and those differences may help you solve the riddles! Building Escape Puzzles and figuring out the riddles is a fun way to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills for ages 12 and up!

Since 1891 Ravensburger had been making the finest puzzles in Ravensburg, Germany. It's theattention to detail which makes Ravensburger one of the world's greatest puzzle brands! Exclusively developed, extra-thick cardboard and combine this with our fine, linen-structured paper to create a glare-free puzzle image for a quality you can feel. Steel cutting tools are designed and crafted by hand. This ensures that no two pieces are alike and guarantees a perfect interlocking fit.

Reccommended Age: 12+

368 pieces

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