Refill Pack for Lite Bright

Lite-Brite refill packs are to be used with the Lite-Brite main unit.

Includes 8 templates (size: 8” wide x 6.75” high) in different art designs than what is included with the main units: Clever Owl, Silly Kitty, Rugged Pup, Swimmer Turtle, Fun Elephant, School of Fish, Don’t Rock the Boat, and Wild Octopus.

Templates are reuseable and include letters of the colored peg to be inserted.

Includes 100 pegs in 6 colors: 20 clear, 16 orange, 16 pink, 16 green, 16 blue, 16 yellow.

Pegs are round and shiny and measure 7/8 of an inch.

ages 4+