Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Aftershave Spray Bottle Mini

Originally used by cowboys on the trail, Ogallala bay rum sprays are strong enough to rid the bad smell of herding cattle.

These little bottles make it easy to spruce up throughout the day. Keep one in your desk or car for a quick fix of the scent you love.

For use as Pre Shave, After Shave & Skin Toner

Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum aftershave products have a bold, refreshing fragrance from years ago in the barbershop.

Shake well and apply generously!

Made by distilling rum with the leaves or berries of the West Indian bay tree, it's distinctly sweet, spicy and woodsy, with hints of clove and citrus.

No animals testing

USA made

Memories of being splashed (quite generously) with a barber’s own special mix of Bay Rum can be found in every 2 fl oz. spray bottle.