Shemp's Whiskey Pepper Steak Sauce

The rich, all-natural blend of this premium whiskey pepper steak sauce adds a hearty flavor to all of your favorite dishes.

Old Fashioned Steak Sauce is produced in small batches to preserve the traditions of long ago.

Shemp's Old Fashioned Whiskey Pepper Steak Sauce tastes great on all-time favorites, including steaks, chops, hamburgers, eggs, omelets, rice, hot dogs, poultry, fish, and French fries. All Natural, and Proudly Made in the U.S.A

INGREDIENTS: Tomato concentrate, cane sugar, raisin puree, distilled vinegar, malt vinegar, salt, orange juice concentrate, jalapeno peppers, bourbon whiskey, black pepper, spices, dried onion and garlic, tamarind, xanthan gum, citric acid.
Made in United States of AmericaA unique blend of peppercorns and spices you can taste why this sauce has a following of steak lovers all around the globe.

This "Old Fashioned" sauce is made in small batches in kettles to ensure the quality and integrity remains consistent to carry on tradition. 

All natural

10 oz.