Simpkins Botanical Floral Candy Drops

Mouthwatering refreshment in a classic English designed antique tin.

Made with the finest natural oils and ingredients to deliver exquisite taste sensations.

Made for three generationsin Yorkshire, England

Since 1921

7 oz. Tin

Lavender - A rather subtle and classic botanical flavour that is packaged in the classic and chic botanical designed tin. Lavender has been used for centuries for many medical and culinary uses, but is possibly best known for its relaxing properties that help aide the onset of sleep.

Rose - It is quiet rightly referred to as “The Queen of all flavours”  A regal and sublime Rose Flavoured confection.

Elderflower - This blend offers the refreshing taste of Elderflower, which emerges in British Hedgerows during June each year, and has long been used as a herbal remedy for hay fever and colds. Presented in a beautifully designed botanical tin

Strawberry & Crushed Pepper - A gorgeous botanical tin that contains old fashioned mouthwatering confections which offer a refreshing strawberry taste with an underlying subtle zing of ground Black Pepper which is infused to enhance the flavour (just enough black pepper to compliment the flavour without adding heat).

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