Sole-Pourri Shoe & Foot Funk-Fighting Odor Eliminator | Cedarwood Eucalyptus

Give your shoes and feet a breather! Eliminate the funk—don’t mask it. Harness the power of natural cedarwood, eucalyptus, and plant-based enzymes to leave your feet and shoes smelling like a forest—always fresh, never funky.

To stomp odor, spritz 4 sprays into shoes or directly onto feet. Let dry before you get steppin'.

Eliminates 99% of Shoe and Foot Odor - Guaranteed*

3.4 oz spray bottle

From the makers of Poo~Pourri so you know it works! Most odor eliminators are as “natural” as pleather pants - but not Poo~Pourri. When they say natural, they actually mean it.

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