Stonewall Kitchen Mustard | Horseradish

Intensely flavored with the distinctive taste of horseradish, this classic Horseradish Mustard is the perfect mustard to served with roast beef on a crusty French baguette.

Try adding a tablespoon of this intensely flavored Horseradish Mustard to any vinaigrette for a delicious dressing with a kick of heat from the horseradish heat.

The perfect roast beef sandwich will only get better when you add our intensely flavored and distinctive Horseradish Mustard to it.

Ingredients : Mustard (water, white distilled vinegar, mustard seed, white wine, garlic, salt, sugar, xanthan gum, spices, natural flavor, citric acid, celery seed, turmeric, tartaric acid, annatto), Horseradish (horseradish roots,  vinegar, salt), Pure Cane Sugar, Dried Minced Garlic, Spices

Non-Gluten Ingredients

8 oz jar

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