The Original Maison Louisianne Pepper Sauce

Scovie Award First Place Winner, Best Louisiana Style Pepper Sauce.

Shut My Mouth Pepper Sauce has a "friendly heat." A thick and rich blend of spices and peppers, Maison Louisianne Creole Pepper Sauce makes a terrific addition to scrambled eggs or soups. Pour it on cream cheese for a spicy appetizer with crackers. Spoon it liberally on meats, chicken, or shellfish, or combine it with sour cream to make an ordinary baked potato extra special . It adds all-natural Creole flavoring to almost any food. So order up some Pepper Sauce, and see what the best Pepper Sauce in the country tastes like!

So good, it will prevent you from saying anything you may later regret!

Our Shut My Mouth Creole Pepper Sauce comes in a 10 oz. (284g) jar. Shut My Mouth Creole Pepper Sauce is ALL NATURAL and LOW FAT. We use no artificial colors or flavors.

All Natural Ingredients: Water, tomato paste, soybean oil, wine vinegar, onion, chili pepper, dehydrated garlic, sugar, red pepper, spices, herbs, and dried parsley.

"Do yourself a favor -- Pour on the flavor!"

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