Tiberino Italian One Pot Meal | Classic Minestrone

This recipe is one of the most appreciated by Italians which commonly call it "Minestrone". It is prepared only with spelt and vegetables and is perfect both warm or cold. It is completely natural and made only with vegetal ingredients: for this reason it is a perfect meal for vegans as well.

Imported from Italy, this pasta dish is easily cooked in minutes, and does not require any additional ingredients.

Cook in just 1 pan with no straining of water required.

These are fantastic for the family that likes to eat well but doesn't always have a lot of time to prepare a meal.

Handmade using 100% natural ingredients only, no chemicals or additives.

Made with Good & Healthy 100% natural ingredients.

Created to provide a professional or home chef with a meal that is both authentic and easy-to-prepare.

Product of Italy Since 1888
  • One Pot Meal
  • Artisan Made
  • Cooks in 12-14 Minutes
  • Just Add Water
  • Serves 3

Preparation: bring 1 litre of water to a boil adding 2 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Add the content of the package, stir occasionally. Cover and cook until most of the water has absorbed. 

Tips: add 80g of diced smoked bacon during cooking.

Wine: Biferno Superiore DOC or medium bodied red wine.

Ingredients: vegetables (onion, tomato, leek, bell pepper, celery, beans), spelt, pasta, herbs, salt.

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