Wicked Mini's Seasoned Oyster Crackers

Wicked Mini's Seasoned Oyster Crackers great addition to the avid cooks household. Use on top of soups and salads, crush up to add an spice to a meat breading mix, or eat them on their own for an easy snack!

Garlic Parmesan - Add this classic flavor combination of tangy parmesan and rich garlic to your soups and salads. (Roasted tomato soup anyone? ) Or just eat them on their own... That's how we do it.

Garden Dill - Fresh dill brightens creamy buttermilk base. Addictive on their own. Perfect crunchy addition to a crisp green salad or a hearty vegetable soup! 

Crushed Red Pepper - Crushed red pepper adds a nice subtle heat to our creamy buttermilk base. Amp up the flavor of any dish. Chili anyone? Crunch away and you won't be able to stop.

Chili Cheese - The perfect enhancer for your favorite chili. The right balance of flavor and spice with a flavor profile that won't be beat.

Net Wt. 6 oz (170 g)