Wicked Mix Snack Mix

Wicked Mix is a devilishly delisious medely of cashews, pecan halves, almonds, sesame sticks and other crunchy gourmet delights.  It's all blended with a unique combination of rich and tangy spices, then baked to a sweet, salty, spicy perfection.

Indulgee your snack cracings today with Wicked Mix!

Spicy Original : Made with Pecan Halves, Cashews, Almonds plus 4 other tasty morsels.

Chocolate-Laced: Spicy original Mix, drizzled with rich dark and white chocolate. The perfect balance of sweet, salty and spicy!

Smoky Hot Chipotle: A spicier version of this snack mix with the addition of smoky chipotle pepper!

7 oz