Yahtzee Game

The Shake, Shout, and Score Game!

Roll it to the limit for the ultimate win with the Yahtzee Classic game. Now with a sleek shaker and casino-cool dice, you're ready to roll! Take your 5 dice, take your 3 rolls, and fill in your score card to find the high- rolling winner. You can fill in any box on the score sheet in any order, but you must fill in 1 box during each round. So it's up to you whether you hustle for a full house or risk it all for a Yahtzee roll. Show off what you've got, and let the dice fall where they may.
Yahtzee is a trademark of Hasbro.
Risk it all for a Yahtzee
Yahtzee is the classic dice game with a unique combination of luck and strategy. Every game is an exciting challenge to rack up the highest score. Seriously high scores come from multiple Yahtzee bonus points, but your luck could change with every roll! Got 3 of a kind and feeling lucky? You might want to push your luck and risk it all for a Yahtzee. But don't forget, you have to fill in a score on every turn. So make it count, or you'll bust out!

The Yahtzee Classic game includes 80 score cards so you can keep track of who is the ultimate Yahtzee champion.

Shaker 5 dice, 100 score cards and game guide

" Risk it all for a Yahtzee
" Multiple Yahtzee rolls score big bonus points
" This is how we roll
" Just roll with it
" The dice game for high rollers
" Casino-cool dice and customized shaker with storage drawer
" Keep rolling, keep winning, keep score
" Yahtzee Classic comes with 80 score cards
" Ages 8+
" 2+ Players

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